Selling used vehicles

has never been this easy

and profitable!

We sell your vehicle in 5 simple steps!

Step 1:

Offer vehicle online:

In your own online portal you can offer your vehicle in a matter of minutes. By entering the vehicle specifications and uploading recent pictures we can give you a price indication straight away. If you want to offer your vehicle but you don't have the complete details available? No problem since each vehicle is inspected once it arrives and we can record all the information in our system at inspection.

After you have entered the vehicle details online, your job is done! We will take it over from here and arrange for the vehicle to be transported to our yard.

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Step 2:

Inspection and workshop

Once the vehicle has arrived at our place we will inspect it. In case we find any defects or damages that we did not expect, we will contact you directly. To realise the optimal sales price, our workshop will investigate critically to see which investments are required to prepare the vehicle for sale.

Transparency and the striving for the highest achievable revenue for you, are the two things that matter most to us!

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The state of
the vehicle

Worldwide supply
and demand

Compare historical sales prices
of similar vehicles

Step 3:

Determine salesprice

We compare our historical data with real-time market information to determine the actual value of your vehicle. When determining the sales price we compare vehicle prices fom all over the world to see in which markets we can get the best result for your vehicle. Of course, we also take the specifications and the state of the vehicle into account in our price setting.

We always discuss the asking price with you!

What is the value of your vehicle?

Step 4:

Sales and online marketing




Our 17 international salesmen will start immediately to proactively offer your vehicle to our client base. We advertise your vehicles to the 200.000 people who visit every month and in 4 million personalised mailings.

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Step 5:


Once your vehicle has been sold, we close the transaction financially with the buyer. In your online portal you will always have access to detailed statements as well as the actual payment status.

A completely transparent and a clear overview in your personalised online portal.

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