Introducing BAS Trucks

Sales Manager originates from BAS Trucks, Europa's largest truck and trailer dealer. We have a constant stock of 1.500 vehicles consisting of trucks, trailers, vans, machinery and more. Annually we sell over 5.500 vehicles to customers in 135 countries.

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Explaining Sales Manager

Sales Manager is a solution for anyone who experiences issues with remarketing of used vehicles. Using our service you can offer your vehicles to BAS Trucks and we keep you up to date about the progress we make with selling your vehicles. We sell your vehicles on a "no-cure-no-pay" basis!

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Our sales approach

As a result of our focus on e-commerce we have 200.000 monthly visitors to our website. In addition we send 4.000.000 emails per month to our network to update them on our stock. Our sales team, which consists of 17 international sales men, will be able to sell your vehicle quickly to one of our 2.000.000 relations.

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How you benefit

Success stories of our customers have shown that we can sell your vehicles quicker. Since we know how to optimally prepare your vehicles for sale, we achieve better returns for you. And you only need to go online to send us the vehicle details, saving you loads of time. So we minimise the time it costs you, whilst achieving the best results!

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Reach 2.000.000 potential buyers for your vehicle

Marketing plays an important role at BAS Trucks. Our marketing team consists of Project Managers and specialists in the fields of e-commerce, communication, concept design and data. Together with the IT development team they design and develop high-end tools that help us to improve our website and email system. Besides improving the online presence of our own website, we advertise on several international truck sales portals.

Our customer database with 2.000.000 contacts grows every day with new people signing up from all over the world. For each contact we automatically maintain a profile that tracks which types and brands of vehicles they are interested in. So as soon as we receive a vehicle that matches the interests of our customers we will offer the vehicle automatically to them. When you are logged in to our portal you can track exactly how many people have shown interest in your vehicles and actually make an offer.