Showcase truck leasing company

Vehicle portfolio: 1.500

Number of vehicles for sale: 300 per year


A Scandinavian leasing firm has a portfolio of 1.500 vehicles that will all be returned to the company. Over a 5-year period they will receive a constant stream of 300 vehicles per year, that they will need to re-market.


  • A truck leasing company has a portfolio of buybacks that are above market value. Many vehicles are being returned with unrealistic book values.
  • The returned vehicles are sold to a local trader resulting in low sales prices.
  • Vehicles stay on the parking for too long before they are sold. The state of the vehicles is bad, but the leasing company cannot decide which damage to repair to achieve the best price from an end-customer.

A detailed analysis is made to determine the actual value of the leasing portfolio!


  • BAS Trucks makes, using internal- and external data, a detailed analysis of the actual value of the portfolio. This information is used to anticipate on future losses en manage the portfolio as realistically as possible.
  • All vehicles are submitted to BAS Trucks via the online portal. As soon as a vehicle is returned to the leasing company BAS Trucks arranges transport.
  • The vehicles are prepared by BAS Trucks for sale, in the cheapest truck workshop in Europe, to get them in a good state.


  • As a result of the value analysis prepared by BAS Trucks the leasing company adjusted expected remarketing values by 5%.
  • Sales prices are 7,6% higher and vehicles are sold significantly quicker.