Showcase rental company

Fleet size: 200

Number of vehicles for sale: 40 per year


A German rental company, with 200 vehicles in its fleet, was looking for for a way to increase the returns on used vehicle remarketing, without spending extra time on it. On average they sell 40 vehicles per year, but they would be interested in selling more to keep their fleet up to date, in case the returns are good.


  • When vehicles are taken out of the fleet it costs the fleet manager 2 months to offer the vehciles to his network of traders.
  • Vehicles are being sold to local traders, resulting in reasonable returns, but the managing director feels he is missing opportunities to sell vehicles from his fleet that are currently rented out.
  • Many of the vehicles that have good specifications for rental have the wrong specifications for selling to international end-users.

Increased customer markets and returns!


  • All vehicles are sold with BAS Trucks Sales Manager. Two weeks before a vehicle is taken out of the fleet the vehicle information is submitted via the online portal. The vehicles are being collected by BAS on the day they return from the customer.
  • The vehicles are offered to customers across the world. As a result a much larger customer base is activated which optimises the sales price.
  • BAS Trucks advises the rental company on the vehicle specifications when they order new vehicles, optimizing the future remarketing value and avoiding difficult to sell vehicles.


  • Vehicles are sold 45 days faster, on average
  • Returns from sales have increased by 3,4%