Showcase transport

Fleet size: 800

Number of vehicles for sale: on average 90 per year


A mid-sized Dutch transport company decided in 2015 to sell all its vehicles via BAS Trucks Sales Manager. This company has several branches across Europe, and for the fleet managers BAS Trucks has become the only partner for remarketing used vehicles. This transport company was looking for a company they could trust and which could guarantee the highest possible revenue for used vehicles. They have a fleet of 800 vehicles and sell 90 vehicles each year.


  • Two fleet managers spend a large part of their days dealing with traders to sell used vehicles
  • A lack of market knowledge led to low sales prices for their used vehicles especially for special equipment
  • The transport company was unsure if they had to make use of the running buy-back contracts they received from truck manufacturers

Today it only costs them a few minutes to offer vehicles to BAS Trucks!


  • All vehicles are now sold exclusively via BAS Trucks Sales Manager: Now it only takes the fleet managers a few minutes per vehicle to put them up for sale.
  • In a direct test BAS Trucks Sales Manager clearly outperformed other sales channels by 6,4%, measured over 20 vehicles
  • BAS Trucks actively advises on taxations, damaged trucks and sales of specials


  • Saving of 1 FTE
  • 6,4% higher returns meaning €150.000 annually
  • Maximising outcome of remarketing reduces cost per km.