Showcase truck manufacturer

Number of vehicles for sale: 5.000 per year


A European truck manufacturer has an increasing number of buy-backs it needs to re-market each year. To keep control of this process they are looking for a partner who can help with selling part of the 5.000 vehicles that are being returned to them.


  • This manufacturer receives many buybacks and trade-ins across Europe, many of the buybacks are large batches of identical vehicles
  • There are too many vehicles, and the specifications are as such that only a small part of the vehicles will be sold in the country of return.
  • There is little to no control over the returned vehicles, and in some cases it takes 6 months from the date they are returned before they are actually being offered for sale.
  • Preparing the vehicles for sale is done by the local dealer, resulting in extremely high workshop costs before a vehicle is ready for sale.

Vehicles are being collected by BAS Trucks straight away and inspected to prevent time loss!


  • BAS Trucks Sales Manager has become a permanent sales channel, where there are always at least 30 vehicles of this manufacturer for sale. The vehicles for sale represent a mix of the large batches of different European countries.
  • Vehicles sold via BAS Trucks Sales Manager are collected, and directly inspected to prevent time loss. BAS Trucks takes care of the entire re-marketing process.
  • BAS Trucks repairs the vehicles in the cheapest truck workshop in Europe to get them ready for sale to end-users at minimal costs.


  • 300 vehicles per year are sold via BAS Trucks Sales Manager
  • 62% reduction in stock days
  • 43% reduction in sales preparation costs